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Corbital Concur

Your repayment tool that assists you and our client in satisfying your debt without the threat of further action

Concur is a service Corbital offer for outstanding debts to be paid off with a fixed repayment arrangement that is in agreement with our client, Corbital and affordable to the debtor.

This service is designed to quickly get a debt into a repayment before the case is escalated towards the possibility of legal action.

Upon our clients approval we are able to offer a paperless Direct Debit arrangement with a fixed repayment amount and installment total.

With this arrangement being maintained it ensures you are not contacted by Corbital again, your case is not escalated any further and our client is kept up to date on your progress to repay the debt automatically.

It is important to understand that this service must have our clients approval, the agreed schedule will be cancelled upon its first failed repayment with full and final payment being seeked thereafter.

Call your Corbital agent today on 01905 935 003 to discuss what repayment plans we are able to put in place 

Typical Repayment Structure

Debt Value Installment %
£0 – £100 50%
£101 – £500 25%
£501 + 20%


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