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About Us

With vast experience in the Credit Management and Debt Recovery sector Corbital ensure we listen to our clients, understand their business and design a credit management and collection strategy that will work for them.

Corbital have invested in technology to ensure we deliver the same quality of service to every account referred whilst at the same time offering our clients full transparency to keep them up to date on our performance.

We pride ourselves on compliance and performance, our clients reputation is paramount.

Outsource all or part of your accounts receivable function with the confidence it is being handled in a trusted manor that represents your business as your would rightly expect.

Corbital partner with your business to ensure your invoices are paid on time, allowing your time to focus on your business. We set up a dedicated strategy for your business that works for both you and your customers.

Preventing the need for in house staff to chase your accounts and making sure each invoice is chased in the same way 365 days of the year guarantees a cash flow your business can rely on.


No more sickness or absence to cover – 52 weeks-a-year guaranteed resourcing
Transparent reporting / updates via your online portal
Improving your cash flow with referral as early as day 31


Corbital ensure you get paid what is due and with years of experience within Debt Recovery we are able to put a collection strategy in place that works for you.

As your customer increases its debt across multiple suppliers, so your chances of being paid decrease. Time is key: for payment tomorrow, escalate today.

Third-party intervention with Corbital is a strong suit in debt collection. If your customer is not paying you to terms, they are likely to be doing the same with other creditors and therefore action is required.

With Corbital providing both Credit Control and Debt Collection we are able to offer a full service with seamless escalation to debt recovery when an invoice is providing difficult to get paid.

Alternatively you may just need Debt Collection services and in that case Corbital are able to design a strategy specific yo your business needs.


No Recovery – No Fee
Average 75% recovery success before litigation action is considered
24/7 live reporting via your secure portal


Communication is key to recovery success and Corbital have a dedicated service for recovering from the individual.

Chasing an individual for monies outstanding requires a very different strategy and approach to that of commercial debt and through the use of advanced technology and experience we are able to produce a strategy specific to this debt type, ensuring maximum recovery success.


24/7 transparent online reporting  – Allowing you to review all you open and closed accounts at any time
Customer payment gateway –  PCI DSS online payment card facility integrated
Trace an individual throughout the UK if they have ‘gone away’
Comprehensive understanding of legal option available for court action if necessary.


Todays current economic climate is seeing unusual amounts of personal debt and with that comes the increasing risk that your debtor will quickly become a ‘gone away’ by moving address and changing contact details without notice.

Corbital ensure our trace services provide an opportunity to find your ‘gone away’ debtors and start the recovery process for monies outstanding to your business.

With an in house positive trace we verify an individuals contact details using address, land line or mobile number. With access to the latest public records and through the use of the latest technology we are able to provide same day trace services to our clients which ensure time is not wasted in recovering your money.


Same day trace
No trace – No fee
Fixed £9.99 per referral
Ethical tracing process maintained

Assessing an individuals risk with respect to employment, financial and other contractual commitments such as tenancy agreements and credit services is paramount in avoiding any nasty surprises in the near future.

Corbital provide a Credit Checking service which provides you with same day reassurance before you make any business decisions on an individual.

We are able to provide detail analysis of an individual with a summary risk assessment meaning you are able to make timely decisions without having to scroll through years worth of credit history.


Great value – full credit check available from only £9.99
Check applicant’s previous address history
Instant credit checking – results available within minutes
Detect bad credit history such as bankruptcy & IVA’s
Discover County Court Judgements (CCJ’s) from court records
Verify electoral role registration

Unfortunately litigation action is occasionally required when your debtors refuse to pay what is rightfully due.

At Corbital we ensure we draw on our experience to know when it is best to recommend litigation action, whether it be Notice of Intention, Small Claims or Court Action.

We only progress to litigation services on our clients authorisation and after a full evaluation of the individual account has been made. A Pre Legal check is carried out to confirm the merits of taking legal action before any time or money is wasted.

Corbital are partnered with a Top 50 firm of Solicitors who specialise in contract dispute and debt recovery.


Client authorisation on the individual account
Direct access to our solicitors

Fixed Court costs

Live updates on case progress

Invoice Recoverability

Experience tells us how the chance of your invoice being paid rapidly decreases with age. Corbital Credit Control gets you the result before the invoices gets too old. Corbital Debt Recovery will convert your ‘non payers’, recovering what you are due.

 “Increase your chance today with the help of Corbital”

Definitely recommend

Corbital have just helped us recover a very irritating debt, it wasn’t a huge amount but it was a matter of principle. They did a great job, Corbital persisted with phone calls, letters and text until they paid us in full .

Would definitely recommend their services.

Maureen Stewart

Director – Fat Giraffe Whloesale Business

Tailored service and reporting

We have been using Corbital to help us ensure our credit control remains manageable. With the ease of escalating accounts through to their debt recovery and legal services makes the process very efficient.
We chose Corbital Trace and Collect for their tailored service and reporting.

We refer our cases to Corbital the day after our invoices exceed the payment terms and with them being early referral we are given a very competitive commission rate.

Garry Rutter

Partner, Ormerod Rutter Chartered Accountants

Regulated Recovery

Over 15 years experience

Live web technology

Avg 75% recovery success

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